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Teen Summit (TN SMT) is an innovative event that serves  the youth (13-18 years old) within the Vallejo community.

The purpose of Teen Summit is to engage with VCUSD students (13-18 years old) and reinforce Vallejo’s commitment to youth enrichment; and provide resources that are youth-friendly and readily accessible. 

  • When:                          Saturday, December 22, 2012
  • Where:                         Empress Theatre - 330 Virginia Street - Vallejo, California
  • Time:                            12PM-4PM and 7PM-10PM
  • Fee:                               FREE, but student ID is required
  • Register Here:           TN SMT 2012
  • Spread the Word:    Tweet @GoodIntentions  or #TNSMT 


What is Teen Summit:  

A town hall meeting to inspire, inform, and listen to teenagers between the age of 13 and 18. The overall goal is to help teenagers find the blueprint to success and become better individuals.  

What are the event highlights? 

Good Intentions will produce a 5 panelist discussion with former VCUSD graduates and oter Bay Area natives who have became successful in some aspect of their life, after overcoming obstacles (career, education, family, etc.) and will answer students’ questions about all topics, allowing the speakers to give advice on life skills and resources. 

Teen Summit will also include:

  • Select Student Attendees Receive Extra Credit
  • Onsite Mentors
  • Informative Vendors for College and Career Information
  • Scholarship Competition Announcement with House of Acts
  • Prom Dress Contest by ahr.es.ihm™ Apparel Group LLC and Evolving Images, Inc.
  • Contest to Win a Pair of Stax from deeFind Shoes
  • Raffle and Trivia to Win Cool Gear
  • Private Film Screening of A Lovely Day & Entertainment (7PM-10PM).
        For summit attendees only. Students must attend the summit from 12PM-4PM to be
        admitted to the show.  Entertainment will be announced at a later time.  Students who
        do not attend the summit will be charged to get into the show.

How does Teen Summit support the needs of VCUSD, parents, and youth?  

The platform for Teen Summit has been designed to respond to the educators and align with the objectives that the VCUSD has committed to achieve.  In an effort to support the initiatives addressed in the Positive Youth Justice Initiative Planning Grant (PYJI), we use a social innovative model to develop lasting relationship that will inspire our youth to stay on the right path and lead positive lifestyles, even after high school.

PYJI components include:

  • Workforce development
  • Youth leadership as gang intervention/prevention
  • Student engagement/empowerment
  • Family empowerment as intergenerational neighborhood intervention

627 Grant St. | Vallejo, Calif. 94590



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